Thursday’s Thoughts: Embracing Boredom

Today I’ll take a brief break from catching you all up on The Big Move. Living in our Upper West Side apartment on a 4th floor walk up when it’s 90 degrees outside in Manhattan leaves you questioning whether you really needed to run any errands. At the same time, I am also at that post-residency point where I truly feel what everyone said I should embrace: boredom

In residency, there’s not really a moment where you feel bored, and if you do, it’s an illusion and/or choice to ignore your responsibilities (temporarily, hopefully #burnout). To this day I still think back about the responsibilities I handed off when I departed and wonder how they are going.

It’s been a lucky number 13 days since I’ve finished residency (and also officially lived in New York City). This week was the first time that I truly felt bored. The excitement (and exhaustion) of moving, trying to restaurants, finding free things to do, unpacking all still exist. But the pace at which I feel the need to make any sort of movement has slowed significantly.

This boredom seems to have been the catalyst to snap out of “vacation” mode and move to “restoration” mode. Yesterday, I started reading, a few days ago I began this blog, and I’m doing some serious introvert, INFJ solitude. And luckily, this insane heat is a good excuse to stay inside and be grateful for AC window units.

Hopefully the rain tonight will make tomorrow a little more bearable to venture outside – I’m ready for it!

Currently reading: Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande

Currently watching: Moana, Sherlock, Master of None

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