New York City Welcome Party (aka July 4th Fireworks)

Two posts in one day?! Well, there’s a lot to catch up on.

When my boyfriend and I were deciding when we would come to New York City, I honestly never thought it would be the day after residency ended. But our landlord decided to try to sell our rental and we had a choice between a month end close on June 30 or July 31. The choice between saving a month’s rent or paying double for a month? I’m sure you can guess which one we chose.

I’m going to be zigzagging time as I bring you up to speed on the move and post-move happenings, so bear with me.

Even before our rental was for sale, my boyfriend and I pondered what date might be realistic. One of his statements was, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we made it to NYC in time for the East River fireworks? It would be like a ‘Welcome to the City’ party for us!”.

And it was, so cool.

We headed to his brother’s and sister-in-law’s apartment on the East side for dinner until the fireworks. About 30 minutes before the scheduled start, we did a quick walk to the East River and was able to make it right in front of one of the five barges and against the concrete barricade. Fellow short people – no one was in front of us! It was amazing to have an unobstructed view for once.

Dinner and Snapchat filters before the show.
Obligatory selfie – gotta get the Empire State Building.
Amazing views of the fireworks.

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