I’m a 28-year old new grad, three times over since high school, and it’s finally time to become an “adult” with my first job post-residency. I’ve come to this stage only to realize that being an adult really means you get better at faking it and knowing most others fake it too. That sounds cynical but it’s really meant to be a liberating statement. Because what I’ve come to realize is that I can make the choice to “fake it ’til I make it” or make the choice to own who I am – and be who I want to be.

Why can’t we come to these realizations in our teenage years? It would have saved so much angst, so many bad relationships, and so much anxiety of caring what people think. I do my best not to regret because every experience has led me to who I am today. But still, as I reflect on my forks in the road, many of them lead to the same conclusion: most of the situations I come across, I have the choice to let others influence me.

So now, as a 28-year old professional with lots of letters after my name and even more debt tied to it, I’ve decided to create my own boundaries and challenge the boundaries around me. I welcome anyone else to join in this journey and hope mine will help others find their voices in choosing where to set – and break – the boundaries.